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Our team at 22 Law are ready and waiting to assist you with the buying and selling of your property.

22 Law have been established for over 40 years and are expert property solicitors. From our office in Whickham we offer conveyancing services to clients in Newcastle, Gateshead and nationwide.

In order to get an instant online conveyancing quote in Newcastle, Gateshead or beyond, simply choose the service you require a quote for:

With offices in Whickham, Gateshead, we service clients both locally in Newcastle and Gateshead, as well as offering a nationwide conveyancing service covering the whole of England and Wales. Our team of property professionals believe that we can offer a friendly, efficient service whilst delivering exceptional legal knowledge. Furthermore, we are proud that we offer great customer service whilst also offering great value for money.

Newcastle and Gateshead Conveyancing Fees – What To Expect

The conveyancing fees you pay when buying or selling a property will cover the costs associated with the legal side of your transaction. You are likely to incur additional costs when involved in a property transaction that are not payable to your conveyancer, such as a survey on a purchase or Estate Agent fees on the sale of a property. You can generally expect to pay less for the sale of a property as opposed to a purchase, and you can expect to pay higher legal fees and costs when the property is a leasehold property compared to a freehold property.

Conveyancing quotes in Newcastle and Gateshead are normally split in to 2 categories:

1. Conveyancing Legal Fees.

The Legal Fees are the charges levied by the conveyancing firm for carrying out the work on your file, and represent the part of the quote that the conveyancing firm makes a profit on. These will normally be subject to VAT, which should be clearly displayed.

2. Conveyancing Disbursements.

Disbursements are costs associated with the transaction that are paid to a third party. Your conveyancer will collect these costs from you and pay them on your behalf. Some examples of disbursements on a purchase are things such as Land Registry fees for registering the property or the “searches” carried out on the property.

Getting a quote for Newcastle and Gateshead Conveyancing is easy – fill in our online conveyancing quote calculator to get an instant, no obligation quote, email us at or call 0191 488 4950 for a free, no obligation chat about your transaction.


Do 22 Law carry out conveyancing near me?

Here at 22 Law we offer conveyancing to both local and national clients. With offices in Whickham, NE16, we are ideally placed to act for clients in Newcastle, Gateshead and all the surrounding areas, whilst also offering expert legal knowledge in property transactions throughout England and Wales.

Should I use a local Newcastle/Gateshead conveyancing firm?

Like many law firms, 22 Law offer a nationwide conveyancing service, and we are recommended by many agents around the country to assist with their clients’ transactions. However, many people choose to appoint a local firm of property solicitors to act in their Newcastle or Gateshead property transaction. This is because we can offer a local knowledge and expertise, such as in matters relating to Tyneside flats for example, which can help smooth the sale or purchase.

Who will deal with my transaction if I appoint 22 Law?

22 Law specialize in residential conveyancing. When instructing us to act in your property transaction you will be appointed one of specialist property lawyers who, alongside their experienced team, will deal with your transaction from start to finish.

How long does the conveyancing process take?

When buying or selling a property, our experience tells us that it takes approximately 8-12 weeks. However, every transaction is unique and the time will vary depending on factors such as how many people are involved in the chain, if you or anyone else in the chain is awaiting mortgage finance and if anyone in the chain has particular moving dates in mind. We will do our best to keep you updated throughout and talk dates with you as soon as is practical.

When should I instruct a Property Solicitor when Purchasing a Property in Newcastle and Gateshead?

When purchasing a property, it is your choice as to when you appoint a property solicitor to deal with your transaction. However, it should be noted that many estate agents will not remove a property from the open market until you have appointed a conveyancer to act on your behalf. This is being the agents have a responsibility to ensure that any prospective purchaser is serious about moving the transaction forward, and you can’t do this without a conveyancer! Therefore, at the very least, you should research your local Newcastle and Gateshead Conveyancing Solicitors to ensure that you are ready to appoint a conveyancer as soon as your offer is accepted.

When should I instruct a Property Solicitor when Selling a Property in Newcastle or Gateshead?

There are basically 2 choices as to when to instruct a conveyancer when selling a property. Firstly, you can appoint a solicitor as soon as you put a property on the market. The advantage of this is that you can get some early paperwork completed and gather together any documents you may need (such as boiler service history, replacement window certificates etc.). The downside of appointing this early is that the property may take a while to sell, and you may have to complete a new set of paperwork if any of the information or answers you provided had changed.  Secondly, you instruct a solicitor when you are ready to accept an offer on the property. The advantage of this is that you can check with your preferred conveyancer as to their current workload and timescales to make sure it fits with your requirements. However, it may take a few days to complete all the necessary paperwork and before your conveyancer can start properly working on your transaction.

Do you offer First Time Buyers conveyancing in Newcastle and Gateshead?

22 Law are experts at helping first time buyers navigate their first house or flat purchase. We understand that buying your first property can be somewhat daunting, and we are happy to discuss all elements of the transaction with you as it goes along. We tell all our first time buyers to ask any questions they may have, even if they think it is a bit daft – it is likely we have been asked it many times before! 

Do you deal with Newcastle & Gateshead Council Right to Buy Purchases?

Our specialist team of property professionals help council tenants deal with all the legal aspects of their right to buy/right to acquire transaction. Call now to speak to one of friendly team who can answer any questions you may have, and advise you at what stage of the process you need to be appointing a conveyancer.

Please feel free to have a look at our 22 Law Reviews to see what some of our previous clients had to say. 

If you are looking for a Conveyancing Quote in Newcastle, a Conveyancing Quote in Gateshead, or require conveyancing anywhere in England and Wales, please feel free to get an online quote or get in touch for a free, no obligation chat.

Our Residential Conveyancing specialists


Andrew is a Partner in our Whickham office and specialises in Residential and Commercial Conveyancing, together with Wills and Probate matters.


Claire is based in our Gateshead office and looks after our conveyancing team. Claire specialises in all matters of Residential Conveyancing being sales, purchases, transfers of equity and remortgages.

Residential Conveyancing – What our fees include

When we provide a quote for our Conveyancing services, the figure provided will cover all of the work required to complete your transaction.  This includes paying your Estate agent’s fees, should you instruct us to do so, redeeming your current mortgage, should you have one, and dealing with registration of your purchase or change of ownership at the Land Registry. We will also complete your Stamp Duty Land Tax application and pay any associated fee to HMRC on your behalf, or Land Transaction Tax application if the property which you purchase is in Wales.

The fees outlined below are built in to our online quotation software. Should you wish to obtain a quote fully tailored to your individual needs, please click here – conveyancing quote. Our fees are itemised in all quotes generated via this link. Please note however that this quote WILL NOT include any referral fee which may be due to a third party introducer, who instructs us on your behalf, if this is the case. 

We have also outlined additional costs which you can expect to pay on your transaction. These costs are known as ‘disbursements’ and are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties; a typical example being costs paid to the Land Registry. We will deal with these costs as and when required and they will then be itemised on the final completion statement which we will provide. It should be noted that Land Registry registration fees vary according to the property value. A registration fee will be payable to the Land Registry on any property purchase, remortgage or transfer of equity transaction. We will confirm the applicable fee prior to completing your matter.

Depending on the purchase price of your property, Stamp Duty may also be payable. You can calculate the amount you will need to pay by using HMRC’s website, or if the property you are purchasing is located in Wales, by using the Welsh Revenue Authority’s website.

Sale Fees

Property BandLegal FeeLegal Fee (VAT Inc.)
£0 – £100,000£400£480
£100,001 – £150,000£450£540
£151,001 – £200,000£500£600
£200,001 – £250,000£550£660
£250,001 – £300,000£600£720
£300,001 – £350,000£650£780

Sale Additional Fees

Professional CostsTotalTotal (Inc. VAT)
Client ID Verification£4.80N/A
Telegraphic Transfer Fee£30.00£36.00
DisbursementsTotalTotal (Inc. VAT)
Office Copies (Freehold)£6.00N/A
Office Copies (Leasehold)£18.00N/A
Land Registry Documents (Per Document)£3.00N/A
Telegraphic Transfer Fee£30.00£36.00

Purchase Fees

Property BandLegal FeeLegal Fee (VAT Inc.)
£0 – £80,000£395£474
£80,001 – £100,000£425£510
£100,001 – £150,000£450£540
£150,001 – £200,000£500£600
£200,001 – £300,000£550£660
£300,001 – £350,000£600£720
£350,001 – £400,000£650£780

Purchase Additional Fees

Professional CostsTotalTotal (Inc. VAT)
Client ID Verification£4.80N/A
Telegraphic Transfer Fee£30.00£36.00
Leasehold Fee£50.00£60.00
New Build £100.00£120.00
Help to Buy ISA£50.00£60.00
Help to Buy£150.00£180.00
Shared Ownership£150.00£180.00
Gifted Deposit£50.00£60.00
SDLT Submission£50.00£60.00
DisbursementsTotalTotal (Inc. VAT)
Search Pack (Standard)£192.00N/A
Bankruptcy Search (Per Person)£2.00N/A
Land Registry Priority Search £3.00N/A
Telegraphic Transfer Fee£30.00£36.00
Land Registry Registration FeeVaries*N/A

*to confirm the registration fee payable to the Land Registry you can do so by clicking HERE for their fee scale and selecting ‘Transfer of whole for value’ from the drop-down options.

Additional Leasehold Disbursements (General)

Should you be purchasing a Leasehold property, it is highly likely that additional disbursements will be payable. Although we can not confirm the exact fees associated until we review the terms of the lease, we have provided the below estimates which may serve as a guideline. The list below is not exhaustive and specifics will be confirmed when dealing with your individual transaction. It should be noted that these additional fees are payable to the Freeholder (Landlord) or their Agent and are not fees charged by this firm.

DisbursementsApproximate Cost
Notice of Transfer/Assignment Fee£75.00 – £300
Notice of Charge Fee£75.00 – £300
Deed of Covenant Fee£100 – £300
Certificate of Compliance Fee£100 – £300

Remortgage Fees

Property BandLegal FeeLegal Fee (VAT Inc.)
£0 – £1000,000£300£360
£100,001 – £150,000£350£420
£150,001 – £200,000£400£480
£200,001 – £250,000£450£540
£250,001 – £300,000£500£600
£300,001 – £350,000£550£660
£400,001 – £450,000£600£720

Remortgage Additional Fees

DisbursementsTotalTotal (Inc. VAT)
Office Copies£6.00N/A
Bankruptcy Search (Per Person)£2.00N/A
Land Registry Priority Search £3.00N/A
Telegraphic Transfer Fee£30.00£36.00
Land Registry Registration FeeVariesN/A
Search InsuranceVariesN/A

Transfer of Equity Fees

Property BandLegal FeeLegal Fee (VAT Inc.)
£0 – £1000,000£300£360
£100,001 – £150,000£350£420
£150,001 – £200,000£400£480
£200,001 – £250,000£450£540
£250,001 – £300,000£500£600
£300,001 – £350,000£550£660
£350,001 – £400,000£600£720

Transfer of Equity Additional Fees

DisbursementsTotalTotal (Inc. VAT)
Office Copies£6.00N/A
Bankruptcy Search (Per Person)£2.00N/A
Land Registry Priority Search £3.00N/A
Telegraphic Transfer Fee£30.00£36.00
Land Registry Registration FeeVariesN/A

Key Stages of Conveyancing

Below is a simple guide to the selling and buying process:

On a Sale we will:

We will

  • Ask you to complete Property Information and Fittings and Contents Forms as these will make up part of the Contract pack. These forms provide general information about your property and will be provided to the buyer’s solicitors.
  • Prepare the Contract between you and your buyer based on information obtained from the Land Registry and provide this to the buyer’s solicitors along with Land Registry information.
  • Deal with any enquiries raised by your buyer’s solicitors. At this stage we may request your assistance in answering these enquiries in order to provide satisfactory responses.
  • Ask you to sign the Contract and Transfer Deed (which will be drafted by the buyer’s solicitors).
  • Once a completion date has been agreed between you and your buyer we will then exchange Contracts with the buyer’s solicitor which will make the completion date legally binding
  • Request a redemption statement from your lender (if applicable) made up to the date of completion
  • Prepare a statement showing the financial transactions and any balance due from/to you
  • On completion, once the monies have been received from the buyer’s solicitors we will notify you and authorise the estate agents to release the keys. We will also arrange to redeem your mortgage and discharge our fees and those of the estate agents and account to you with any balance due.

On a Purchase we will:

  • Receive the Contract pack from the seller’s solicitors and raise enquiries with the solicitors based on the information provided.
  • Submit searches to the local authority and other relevant bodies which would reveal any matters affecting the property.
  • Receive your mortgage offer (if applicable) and advise you of any special conditions which affect the offer.
  • Upon receipt of satisfactory replies to enquiries and search results we will prepare a report to you detailing our findings together with the documentation for you to sign. 
    At this stage we will also request a deposit from you to enable us to exchange Contracts.
  • Once a completion date has been agreed between you and your seller we will then exchange Contracts with the seller’s solicitor which will make the completion date legally binding.
  • Prepare a statement showing the financial transactions and any balance due from/to you taking into account the deposit already paid.
  • Request the monies to be received from your mortgage lender in time for completion.
  • On completion, will transfer the purchase monies to your seller’s solicitors. On receipt completion will be effected and the seller’s solicitors will authorise release of the keys. 
  • Deal with payment of our fees, any stamp duty land tax and arrange to register you as the new owner of the property at the Land Registry.

“I have used 22 Law twice now and would not use anyone else. I felt at ease with the staff. Andrew Daverson whom dealt with my conveyancing was efficient and never cut corners. I feel this is a very trustworthy company and I would highly recommend them.” Highly recommended!

Carol Moffitt

Carol Moffitt

After deciding to move last year Claire and Callum worked on the sale of my old house and purchase of my new property. They provided excellent support and guidance throughout. I would have no hesitation recommending 22 Law .

Mark Junbull

Mark Junbull

Thank you so much for really pushing things through so we could get in for the 28th. Really appreciate it and it helped us massively.



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